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Laptop Computer Buying guide
The dooyoo guide to trends in notebook and laptop computers 2009

The dooyoo guide to trends in notebook and laptop computers 2009 - With ever increasing processor speeds, larger hard drive and wireless connectivity, the latest laptop computers offer unprecedented flexibility and computing power. This guide aims to help you select a model that is right for you depending on your computing needs.

Whether you are looking for a desktop replacement with multimedia functionality, a simple budget model, or an ultra light netbook as mobile as you are, dooyoo's buying guide will help you make the right choice. We will cover the key points you need to know about processors, screens and memory as well as providing an overview of trends and developments featured in the latest machines from Acer, Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, Hewlett Packard and Lenovo to mention but a few.

The dooyoo website combines consumer reviews and price comparison in an intelligent mix. We offers tests, opinions and the best prices all in one place and constantly updated. We show you current products and offer advice and information on selection and purchase.


Sony Vaio CS11Z/RSony Vaio CS11Z/R

hot tipSony VAIO CS11Z/R Notebook for £ 789.95 at Laptops.IM
Sony VAIO VGN-CS11Z / Laptop /R - Core 2 Duo P8400 / 2.26 GHz - Centrino 2 - RAM 4 GB - HDD 320 GB - DVD±RW (±R DL) / DVD-RAM / BD-ROM - GF 9300M GS - WLAN : 802.11 a/b/g/n (draft), Bluetooth 2.1 EDR - Vista Home Premium - 14.1" Widescreen TFT 1280 x 800 ( WXGA ) X-black - camera - Discover a new wo...
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HP De-Branded Sempron LE-1250 2.2GHz 2GB 320GB DVD±RW No Operating System

Fast and affordable, this HP De-Branded Desktop PC is for you! Powered by an AMD Sempron LE-1250 2.2 GHz processor and 2 GB DDR2 RAM, this HP De-Branded Desktop PC features a high capacity 320 GB SATA hard drive and a DVD±RW drive.

Surf the net and download files with the 56K modem and integrated Ethernet. Expand with one PCI Express x16 slot, one PCI Express x1 slot and two PCI slots. Connect a digital camera, DV camcorder and other PC peripherals with USB 2.0 ports, 15-pin VGA monitor port and audio ports.

A mouse and keyboard are already included with this HP De-Branded Desktop PC. Just add the monitor and peripherals, install the operating system and drivers and enjoy fast computing.
WARNING: The solder used in this product contains lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm. Please wash hands after handling internal components and circuit boards and avoid inhalation of fumes if heating the solder.


* HP De-Branded Sempron LE-1250 2.2 GHz Desktop PC

* General Features:
* No Operating System
* AMD Sempron LE-1250 2.2 GHz processor
* 320 GB SATA hard drive
* DVD±RW drive
* Integrated video
* Integrated audio
* Integrated Ethernet
* 56K PCI modem

* Motherboard Features:
* One (1) PCI Express x16 slot
* One (1) PCI Express x1 slots
* Two (2) PCI slots
* Two (2) 240-pin DIMM sockets

* Front I/O Ports:
* Headphone jack
* Microphone jack
* Two (2) USB 2.0 ports

* Rear I/O Ports:
* Two (2) PS/2 ports
* One (1) 15-pin VGA port
* Four (4) USB 2.0 ports
* One (1) RJ-45 Ethernet jack
* One (1) RJ-11 modem jack
* Line-in, line-out and microphone audio jacks

* Case Features:
* Two (2) 5.25-inch external drive bays
* One (1) 3.5-inch internal drive bay
* 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz power supply

* Case Dimensions:
* 14.75 x 6.5 x 16-inches (H x W x D, approximate)

Package Includes:

* HP De-Branded Sempron LE-1250 2.2 GHz Desktop PC
* Keyboard
* Mouse
* Power cord


HSE stolen laptop contains personal financial data

The laptop containing the data was one of 15 computers stolen from HSE offices in Roscommon town at the weekend.

The office of the Data Protection Commissioner was not informed of the incident by the HSE. It learned of the theft via media reports yesterday morning. It was at that point that the commissioner’s staff contacted the HSE seeking information.

The deputy data protection commissioner, Gary Davis, told The Irish Times he was “surprised and disappointed” at the HSE’s delay in reporting the matter. Mr Davis said the HSE had been at the centre of a number of cases last September in which data was lost on computers and other devices.

Despite assurances from the HSE’s chief executive Prof Brendan Drumm at that time that all computers would be encrypted, the incident at the weekend showed this had not happened.

“Protocols have been broken here and we are carrying out our own investigation,” Mr Davis said.

His agency had legal powers of enforcement involving a fine of €3,000 in all cases where data was lost or computers not encrypted. This avenue might now be explored in relation to the HSE.

A spokeswoman for the HSE said the executive had been waiting for an incident report to be compiled by its staff before informing the commissioner’s office.

One of the two non-encrypted laptops contained sensitive personal financial information on members of the public who had contacted community welfare officers. The second non-encrypted laptop contained slides for a staff presentation, which did not contain sensitive information. The other 13 laptops stolen were encrypted and could not be accessed by whoever stole them.


Toshiba Tecra M10-S3411

For security-minded business users, this Tecra packs plenty of features for a very affordable price. Just don’t expect to wow anyone in the boardroom.



Application software employs the capabilities of a computer directly and thoroughly to a task that the user wishes to perform. This should be contrasted with system software which is involved in integrating a computer's various capabilities, but typically does not directly apply them in the performance of tasks that benefit the user. In this context the term application refers to both the application software and its implementation. A simple, if imperfect analogy in the world of hardware would be the relationship of an electric light bulb (an application) to an electric power generation plant (a system). The power plant merely generates electricity, not itself of any real use until harnessed to an application like the electric light that performs a service that benefits the user.

Typical examples of software applications are word processors, spreadsheets, and media players. Multiple applications bundled together as a package are sometimes referred to as an application suite. Microsoft Office and, which bundle together a word processor, a spreadsheet, and several other discrete applications, are typical examples. The separate applications in a suite usually have a user interface that has some commonality making it easier for the user to learn and use each application. And often they may have some capability to interact with each other in ways beneficial to the user. For example, a spreadsheet might be able to be embedded in a word processor document even though it had been created in the separate spreadsheet application.

End-user development tailors systems to meet the user's specific needs. User-written software include spreadsheet templates, word processor macros, scientific simulations, graphics and animation scripts. Even email filters are a kind of user software. Users create this software themselves and often overlook how important it is.


Mac OS X

Mac OS X is a line of graphical operating systems developed, marketed, and sold by Apple Inc.. Mac OS X is the successor to the original Mac OS, which had been Apple's primary operating system since 1984. Unlike its predecessors, Mac OS X is a Unix-based operating system.

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